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Be Still, My Soul
Softcover or E-book

The Printer and The Preacher

Ben Franklin, George Whitefield, and the suprising friendship that invented America

A groundbreaking look at the strange friendship between George Whitefield and Benjamin Franklin, who together defined what it means to be an American.
They were the most famous men in America. They came from separate countries, followed different philosophies, and led dissimilar lives. But they were fast friends. No two people did more to shape America in the mid-1700s. ~ © 2015 Nelson Books
Be Still, My Soul
Softcover or E-book

Be Still, My Soul

The Inspiring Stories behind 175 of the Most-Loved Hymns

Be Still, My Soul is a collection of 175 of the most popular hymns and the stories behind them. Many of these hymns were written out of incredible life experiences—from the heart cry of a repentant slave trader to the renewed hope of a survivor of attempted suicide. In this devotional you’ll discover the stories behind the songs we sing. You’ll experience the passion and joy contained in these hymns’ lyrics and melodies. In addition to the hymn stories, Be Still, My Soul includes the musical score, lyrics, and in-depth biographies of 12 of the most-prolific hymn writers, singers, and composers. ~ © 2014 Tyndale

Softcover or E-book
Written with Robin Shreeves

The One Year Women in Christian History Devotional

Daily Inspirations from God's Work in the Lives of Women

Starting with Mary, who initially discovered the empty tomb, women have played a significant role in the history of the Christian church. Their prayers, their songs of faith, and their steadfast perseverance in the face of adversity can still encourage us today. Spend the year with some of the greatest women in Christian history: from Claire of Assisi to Joan of Arc, from Fanny Crosby to Susannah Wesley, from Catherine Booth to Anne Bradstreet, and many more. This One Year book leaves no historical stone unturned in order to help you discover the amazing spiritual heritage you have in the lives of faith-filled women of the past. ~ © 2014 Tyndale

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How God Answers Your Prayers with Christine A. Dallman (Publications International, 2010). An earnest look at how God works in crisis situations.
99 Bible Promises for Tough Times
terBrook, 2009) When life throws a curve, for centuries no source of insight and encouragement has brought more comfort than the Bible.
God's Hope for Tomorrow (Publications International, 2009) - Christian, Church Curriculum
When You Lose Someone You Love (Pulications International, 2006) Comfort for those bereaved.
Red Letters with William Petersen (Revell, 2005).   A devotional on the sayings of Jesus.  A weekly devotional guide on the teachings of Jesus. This was  a joy to work on, because I got to write it with my dad, William J. Petersen.
Pray Together
The Power of Praying Together (Publications International, 2004) How and why to meet for prayer.

Complete book

Answers to Hard Questions (Publications International, 2004) I tackle queries about religion, Jesus, and the Bible.
Secrets of iLumina (Tyndale House 2003) Guide to a new Bible software.
Why Me, God?  (Publications International, 2003) Dealing with tragedy.
100 Amazing Answers to Prayer with William J. Petersen (Revell, 2002)  Real-life stories.

The Powerful Prayer of Jabez and Other Life-Changing Prayers (Publications International, 2002) Inspiration
Your Marriage and the Internet with Thomas Whiteman.  The Internet often brings people together, but it can also tear marriages apart. Learn how you can avoid its addictions while appreciating its advantages. (Revell, 2002)
starting over
Starting Over with Thomas Whiteman (Pinon, 2001)  Life after divorce.
Angry with God with Michele Novotni (Pinon, 2001) Help for those who blame their Creator. Honestly I think this is my best work. Psychologist Michele Novotni and I explored the dynamics of Godward grudges, illustrated in the amazing story of a survivor of the Armenian Genocide. Available at www.navpress.com
The Path to Heaven (Publications International, 2001) The basics of Christian faith.
100 Bible Verses that  Changed the World with William J. Petersen (Revell, 2001)
Mini-history lessons  through key verses.
The 100 Most Important Books of the 20th Century with William J. Petersen (Revell, 2000) Book reports for Y2K. Originally Dates with Destiny, this grew out of my work with Christian History magazine. Co-written with Ken Curtis and Steve Lang, this continues to sell. We think it works well as a home-schooling text.  Available at www.revellbooks.com
My Truth, Your Truth
Whose Truth?
(Focus on the Family, 2000)
Creative apologetics book for teens. Available at ww.tyndale.com
Bible Fun Stuff (Tyndale House, 2000)
Quizzes, jokes, and clever comments.
“Quizzes, trivia, and dumb jokes for a fifth-grade mentality.  Obviously, I was in my element. It’s one of my biggest sellers.”   Available at www.tyndale.com
What Would Jesus Do?  (Publications International, 1999)  Basic discipleship.
  Stress Test, with Thomas Whiteman (Pinon, 1999). Simple guide to determining where your stress is coming from, and what to do about it. equals Stress Events plus Stress Environment, times Aggravators, divided by Stress Fitness. Trust me, it all adds up.
What Does Everybody Else Know That I Don’t?   with Michele Novotni (Specialty Press, 1999) ADD and social skills.
Serious Tennis with Scott Williams (Human Kinetic, 1999)  Intermediate instruction from a tennis pro.
Charge It on the Master’s Card (Revell, 1998).  I’ve adapted an old Spurgeon  devotional for modern youth.
Victim of Love
Victim of Love?: How You Can Break the Cycle of Bad Relationships with Thomas A. Whiteman (NavPress, 1998). Learn to recognize unhealthy relationships.
The One-Year Book of Psalms with William J. Petersen (Tyndale House, 1998) Daily meditations on the Psalms.
The Christian Book of Lists  (Tyndale House, 1997) Fun stuff about Christianity and Christians.
Fresh Start
Fresh Start with Tom Whiteman (Tyndale House, 1997). Principles for dealing with difficulties in any type of relationship.
The One-Year Book of Hymns with William J. Petersen and Tyndale editors (Tyndale House, 1996)  Daily meditations on popular hymns.  Available at www.tyndale.com
stress mgmt
The Complete Stress Management Workbook with Thomas Whiteman and Samuel Verghese (Zondervan, 1996). Medical, emotional, behavioral and spiritual guidance for dealing with high stress.
The Marriage Mender with Thomas Whiteman and Thomas Bartlett (NavPress, 1996)  A guide for Christian couples who want to avoid divorce.
Adult ADD with Thomas Whiteman and Michele Novotni (Pinon, 1995)  Attention Deficit Disorder, how to cope with it.   Available at www.navpress.com
Men Who Love Too Little with Thomas Whiteman (Nelson, 1995) Differences between men and women.
The Family Book of Bible Fun  (Tyndale House, 1994) Various puzzles and games for families.  Sold 40,000.  Hey, in the Christian market, put family, Bible, and fun in a title and how can you go wrong? Puzzles of all sorts, quizzes, plus ideas for family games and travel activities.  Available at www.tyndale.com
Becoming Your Own Best Friend with Thomas Whiteman (Nelson, 1994).  Released by Revell as Be Your Own Best Friend
How to Fear God Without Being Afraid of Him with David New (Victor Books, 1994) Learning to love God without terror. Sold 90,000
Love Gone Wrong with Thomas Whiteman (Nelson, 1994; Pinon, 1997). Addictive relationships. (Re-released by Pinon Press as Victim of Love?.)
Morning by Morning by Charles Spurgeon, edited by Randy Petersen  (Revell, 1994) The 19th-century British preacher’s classic devotional, edited for modern Americans.
Flying Solo: Meditations for the Single Again ~ edited by Thomas Whiteman and Randy Petersen (Nelson, 1994) Devotional readings for divorced people.
The Appalachian Ambush (Tyndale House, 1993) Another in the Choice Adventures Series for kids.
Kids Caught in the Middle with Gary Sprague (Nelson, 1993; Cook, 1997) Another Fresh Start book, this one a workbook for teens
single parenting
The Fresh Start Single Parenting Workbook with Thomas Whiteman (Thomas Nelson, 1993) Fresh Start is a Christian divorce-recovery program.
The Quarterback Sneak (Tyndale House, 1992) Fiction in the Choice Adventures Series, for kids 9-12 years old.
Returning Home with Robert Hicks (Revell, 1991) Advice for vets returning from the Gulf War
Giving to the Giver (Tyndale House, 1990) How to worship God in a joyous, meaningful, biblical way.
Dates with Destiny with Kenneth Curtis and Stephen Lang (Revell, 1991) Re-released as The 100 Most Important Dates in Church History Sold 60,000-plus copies.
Child of the City with Tito Matias (Tyndale House, 1989) Biography of a kid growing up in a gang-infested area of Chicago.
When It Hurts To Be Single with Anita Palmer (David C. Cook Publishing, 1988) A tiny book helping church leaders and caring laity deal with hurting singles.


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