Randy Petersen



I’ve been a Bible guy since childhood. Mom and Dad and a good Baptist church taught me well. I was even on a “Bible quiz team.” (Don’t ask.) All of that was augmented by some good training at Wheaton College, including a study-tour of the Holy Land. I’ve been teaching and writing about the Bible ever since. . . . Most of the curriculum I write involves Bible study. I love finding just the right passage to interact with some practical or psychological theme. And the Bible keeps surprising me. Often the lessons unfold in ways I hadn’t planned.. . . I believe in the “So What?” of Scripture. If it’s not changing your life, you’re not reading it right. . . . I also see a lot of humor in the Bible. The stories show us people with their foibles intact, and that can be kind of funny, as we see in them a reflection of ourselves.

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