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I have always enjoyed teaching, in schools, theaters or churches. I consider curriculum-writing to be “teaching to the second power.” That is, I’m equipping teachers to teach. Sometimes that means teaching them to teach particular material, but it also has to allow for their own creativity and connection with their students. . . . Teaching is never merely the transmittal of information. That info has to live in the hearts and minds of the learners. The teacher (and the curriculum) must put it in context—not only its historical, artistic, or biblical context, but also its future context in the lives of the learners. . . . An intrinsic motto for all my curriculum is “So what?” What difference will this information make? . . . I write Bible-study lesson material for teenagers and adults. I’ve been thinking of writing a curriculum for an acting class, but that hasn’t happened yet. . . . John Duckworth taught me a lot about writing curriculum in my early days writing for David C. Cook. Thanks, John. . . . I was proud to be on the development team for the 50-Day Spiritual Adventure hatched by David and Karen Mains at Chapel of the Air. For many years I wrote their youth journal and contributed to the adult journal. It was an awesome concept, one that Rick Warren borrowed for his Purpose series. . . . Bluefish TV (part of Priority One) has hired me to write youth and adult curriculum for many years. It has been a delight working with Marty and Jackie Moseley and now their son, Brian Moseley. Their videos are amazing. I’m privileged to provide the print materials. . . .

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