Randy Petersen is an experienced free-lance writer with more than forty books to his credit, plus hundreds of curriculum lessons. He can take a project and run with it; or he can work closely with a co-author, company, or team. Randy works quickly and efficiently, providing clean copy that positively sings.

Randy Petersen can write on many different topics. He already has. His work has run the gamut from self-help to software, from parenting to prayer. He has published puzzle books, software manuals, sports how-to, history surveys, and devotionals.

I’m a teacher at heart, Randy says, which may be why I write so much curriculum. But if I’m a teacher, I’m a learner too. I need to drink in all I can about whatever subject I’m writing on, so I can make it fresh and clear for the reader.

People try too hard to sound impressive, Randy says. Say what you mean, as clearly as possible, but have fun with it too. With all the distractions around them, readers today need to be coaxed back into the material again and again, so keep the language light and let the sentences soar. Good writing is like invisible ink. When people read what I write, I don’t want to hear, “Wow that was great writing!” I want them to say, “Those were fascinating ideas.

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