I have truly lost count of the number of books I’ve written. It’s around fifty. On most of these, I’ve been co-author with some expert in a particular field, but there have been a few sole authorships too. . . . People tend to be impressed when they hear I’ve written fifty books, but I usually ask, “How many insurance policies have you sold?” or, “How many cars have you fixed?” This is what I do. They have accomplishments in their field of labor too. I’m proud of my work on these books, but I don’t know that my work deserves any more honor than their work. . . . Marlene LeFever asked me to do my first book. She worked with David C. Cook and I knew her through the Evangelical Press Association. The book was When It Hurts to be Single, and it was co-written with my friend Anita Palmer, who provided the feminine side of the singleness issue. My favorite book was my third, Giving to the Giver, now retitled as Worship that Pleases God. Worship has been a pet subject of mine since I studied with Bob Webber in college. I think the best book I’ve written was Angry with God, co-authored with psychologist Michele Novotni. It follows the story of her grandmother, a survivor of the Armenian Genocide, but also brings in her clinical experience to tackle a common spiritual/emotional issue.